How can I offer my living places on

To place a living space on go after creating an account after 'add locations'.
Provide photos of the entire complex and of the individual living spaces. If the living space is AKF- or SNF-certified, you can upload these certificates. If the accommodation does not have an SNF/AKF certificate, it will be assessed by After approval, the accommodation will be visible on the platform. In addition, you need to provide some basic information such as the number of square meters, the number of bedrooms and the number of beds. The accommodation must meet SNF or AKF standards, but an SNF/AKF certificate is not necessarily required. How do you create a catchy description for the living space to be rented? Keep it short and to the point. Mention all the amenities and add some additional information about the location and surrounding area. Think about why a tenant should choose your living space and what makes your living space unique.